See what the critics are saying...

"This year's most sophisticated book on architecture and interior design." –Forbes

“Brings together some of [Susan Wood’s] most iconic photographs, tracing a visual history of feminine influence and power in the workplace in the United States.” –Buzzfeed

“The book’s graphics are breathtaking for kitchenalia fanatics like me–the words are few, the photos are intense spoon porn.” –Dan’s Papers

“A fascinating look at the moral values of a bygone era–as seen through its entertainment.” –Fast Co. Design

“Reflecting on the past 10 years of showhouses, the book highlights the talents of top interior designers.” –CTC&G

"[...]there's intent behind her work, and a global-mindedness that until recently was rare in her profession." –Surface

"...sets a new standard for opulence." –Departures

"The featured spaces showcase De Giulio's expert ability to wed refinement and functionality." –Architectural Digest

"Vladimir Kagan helped define mid-century modernism." –Elle Decor

"Among the plethora of monographs available on decorative objects, one subject has been overlooked: the furnitures designs of Eero Saarinen." –The New York Times

"I couldn't help but be romanced by Mr. Zervudachi's nuanced palette." –World of Interiors

"The most incredible throw pillows you've ever seen." –Architectural Digest

"Artfully demonstrates with over 350 photographs that being green doesn't mean you can't be stylish too." –The New York Post

"Offers a peek inside the offices at some of the city's most stylish working pups." –Architectural Digest

"A triumph[...]the photos capture the impermanence of all things..." –The Wall Street Journal

"A rich tangle of sass, success, and backlash..." –The New York Times

"A gorgeously illustrated tribute to the grandfather of British fashion." –Vogue

"As much as Tiffany explores Lambert's achievements, the book also paints a picture of the evolution of American fashion in the 20th century–with eye candy in the form of pictures, including Halston, Bill Blass, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo and Donald Brooks." –Women's Wear Daily

"...a rare and unedited image of the sentiments and the life of this renowned Mexican artist." –Harper's Bazaar

"The new book Monsieur Dior is a gorgeous, and honest, look at Christian Dior’s work and inner circle." –Architectural Digest

"The printing is such good quality you can hazard a good guess at what is velvet, what is real silk, what is printed, and what brocaded." –World of Interiors

"Fascinating." –The New York Times

"A gorgeous homage to the Ackermans." –LA Magazine

"Hot in the '80s, Sue Timney is back with this inspiring look at her art and interiors." –House Beautiful

"A candid exploration of the people and places that have influenced Mr. Wanzenberg as an architect and a man..." –The New York Times

"Fascinating and insightful." –Architectural Digest

"Suzanne Slesin has edited another gorgeous tome." –Vogue

"Peckolick is one of the great icons of American typography." –The Huffington Post

"Susan Roy pairs illustrations with incisive commentary to reveal just how deluded we used to be about prepping for the all-too-thinkable nuclear attack." –The Oprah Magazine

"Astonishing and spooky." –The Hollywood Reporter